How and Aging Population can Influence Infrastructure Changes

The baby boomer generation is starting to age. According to a recent study, in 2050 the number of citizens over 65 will be greater than 88 million. This number will be more than twice the seniors over the age of 65 in 2010.

This means that an aging population will need some alternatives for transportation. Even after the driver’s license has to be given up, the need to get around, and to interact, is still very present. These seniors have money to spend. Law makers are trying to make it easier for this powerful demographic to matter.

The number of children the average household has lowered which will also tilt the scale toward an aging population. With all of the focus on healthcare, Social Security, and other government aid topics under heavy scrutiny, there is another problem emerging: How do we get these baby boomers into the cities so they can spend money?

Public transportation will reach out a bit further to communities that are close to the city, but do not have the luxury of public transportation.

There will also be campaigns trying to encourage the elderly to move back to the cities. The mayor of Phoenix said, the more senior citizens we can attract to the heart of the city, the better off the city will be.

Contact your state representative and ask what the plans are for strengthening the infrastructure in your area.

Consider moving into the city so that these transportation services can be used. Often times being isolated in a rural setting, with no one to provide transportation, the senior may have no choice but to move into an assisted living facility. If the same senior citizen moves into a larger city, there are more programs and transportation alternatives available. This simple change may allow the citizen to age in place.

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One Response to How and Aging Population can Influence Infrastructure Changes

  1. Ruth says:

    More and more senior citizens are suffering from the inconvenience of their daily urban life especially in terms of mobility and access forcing them to flee and seek special community settlement dedicated for bloomers. More programs are needed to address the daily needs of the aged community in the urban states. The programs mentioned are good starter to consider. Changes like these are encouraging signs and may surely benefit the old community today and the next generation oldies.

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