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Happy Seniors


Volunteering, sometimes referred to as civic engagement, is work or service that is performed without pay. Traditionally perceived as an altruistic activity, volunteering is much more than that. Volunteers benefit from the work they do in many non-financial ways. By addressing issues of concern, you help make your community a better place for everyone now and in the future.

Tips for Starting Your Volunteer Search

Pick causes that interest you Think about the causes you are passionate about or charitable organizations you support. Contact those organizations to find out about their volunteer needs. 

Be willing to learn

Some people volunteer in order to develop their expertise in new areas. Think about what skills you would like to use or develop when you volunteer.

Decide how much time you can give

Think about whether you want a short-term or ongoing volunteer assignment, and when you are available. You don't want to overextend yourself or neglect your other commitments.

Volunteer as a family

Volunteering with your family can emphasize the importance of giving back to the community.


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Corporation for National and Community Service

 • Volunteers of America    
 • Senior Corps

 • Volunteers of America   
 • Senior Corps

 • Senior Community Service Employment

    Program (SCSEP)

 •  Idaho Department of Labor is now working with low-income Seniors 55

     years and older who are interested in getting back into the work force.  This program

     provides earned wages while training; Five Northern Counties: Coeur d Alene, Silver

     valley, Sandpoint, Bonner Ferry, St. Maries.

    Contact Judy Gray, Idaho Dept. of Labor, at (208) 769-1558 ext. 3980.

 • Volunteers of America  
 • Senior Corps

 • North Central Montana Senior Volunteer  Program

 • Volunteers of America  
 • Senior Corps

 • Volunteers of America   
 • Senior Corps

 • Volunteers of America   
 • Senior Corps

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